Hello and welcome! 

I’m Ivelina, known as Ivey! 

I’m a Bulgarian-born kiwi gal based in East Auckland with a love for all things beautiful. 

For 8 years now I have had the privilege of photographing and capturing hundreds of children, families and couples in their rawest, most honest and intimate moments. I’ve always loved the power the right image can have, and its ability to preserve the intense emotions that you want to hang on to forever that often race by in the chaos of life. 

My aim is to capture and preserve these tender moments of joy through my work using natural light and a relaxed, comfortable, and authentic environment- Whether it be the dizzying infatuation of a radiant newly wed couple or the purity of a newborn child, I firmly consider the one true purpose of my work to document love in whatever shape or form.

That’s why I am here today. 

Some quick facts about me:

  • I’m an artist and a pleaser at heart

  • Last year I got to be on the other side of the lens and experience the thrill of being a bride twice… once in New Zealand and once in Bulgaria!

  • I’m the proud mum of two gorgeous furbabies, Ollie the Golden Collie and Lilly the kitten.

  • Ever since I was born, I always dreamt of a career in the wonderful world of art- a dream which began falling into place through my five year architecture degree

  • My perfect day begins with walking the dog with my husband Mike and catching a quick flat white from our local spot.

  • Professional Client befriender

  • Owner of bad jokes

  • Avid houseplant enthusiast

  • Firm believer in tea and coffee

  • I have a self-professed obsession with all things artsy and am a lover of details

I’m so delighted that you’ve found me and I can't wait to work together and create some magic.

Ivey x